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Jon Lifquist Assessor-Recorder
Note: You are not currently in a decline in value status.

 Kern Property Profile
Property Information
 ATN 209-070-11-00-4  Status   Active
 Parcel Num.
209-070-11-9  View Assessor's Map GIS Map
 Legal  TRACT 2223 214
 Acres  0.00  
 Use Code  0010 - R1 ZONE ONE ACRE OR LESS
 Prior APN  --
 Supervisorial District  2 -  Zack Scrivner

Recorded Documents
 Document Number  Document Type  Date Recorded
219087404  Deed - Tax  07/23/2019

Property Characteristics
Building #0

Assessment Information for Tax Year 2020-2021
Assessed Values
Land Value: 500
Mineral Value: 0
Improvement Value: 0
Other Improvement: 0
Personal Property Value: 0
Total: 500
Less Exemption Value: 0
Net Total Taxable Value: 500

Note: You are not currently in a decline in value status.

Tax Bill Information
Questions regarding tax bills should be directed
to the Tax Collector at (661) 868-3490.
2020 Lien Date Bill  20-1143714-00-9   Billed
Net Billed Value Tax Rate Area Proration Period
500  011-019   1 Year
General Amt Special Amt Special Asmnts General Rate Special Rate
5.91 0.00 178.00 1.18 0.00
  Due Date Amount Date Paid Penalty Total Paid
 1st Installment  12/10/2020 91.96   9.19 0.00
 2nd Installment  04/12/2021 91.95   19.19 0.00
 Total    183.91      0.00

This notice informs you of THE TAXABLE VALUE of your property. It also serves to inform you of your opportunity to request reconsideration of our findings. If you believe that your property was worth less than the indicated amount, you should first discuss the matter with the Assessor's staff by calling (661)-868-3485.

Pursuant to the State Constitution, property shall be taxed in proportion to its value. This law requires the property be appraised at its 1975-76 market value unless it has been sold, newly constructed, or had a change in ownership after March 1, 1975. In the latter cases, the property will have a new base year market value as of date of the sale, new construction or change in ownership. The base year value is subject to an annual rate of inflation not to exceed 2 percent increase per year. The taxable value of real property on the local roll shall be the lesser of: (a) factored base year value, (b) current market value, or (c) the value of the property if it was damaged or destroyed by calamity pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code 170

Within 12 months following the month of notification of the assessment, if the Assessor agrees that a reduction of value is warranted and legal and proper, he may adjust the value. Or, if the assessment roll has been completed, he may aid you in applying to the local assessment appeals board for relief. A written stipulation may be made and filed with the application to the Kern County Assessment Appeals Board in accordance with the Revenue and Taxation Code 1607. This section provides that the taxpayer need not attend the scheduled equalization hearing and testify to the property's value, if you and the Assessor agree to the value and sign a written stipulation to this effect. The Board can either accept the stipulation or reject it and set a new hearing date. Applications for Change in Assessment for value not agreed upon with the Assessor must be filed in writing by the taxpayer or his representative with the Clerk of the Assessment Appeals Board between July 2 and November 30 of the current fiscal year. The Clerk of the Assessment Appeals Board is located at the County Administrative Center, 5th floor, 1115 Truxtun Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93301, and the phone number is (661)-868-3585. If you have not received this notice at least 15 days prior to November 30, then you have 60 days from receipt of this notice or the mailing of your tax bill that reflects an increase in the base year value (whichever is earlier) to file an application for change in assessment. This application must include an affidavit declaring under penalty of perjury that the notice was not timely received. Applications for reduced assessment of the base year value must be filed for the year in which the base year value was initially enrolled or in any of the following three assessment years. This assessment notice also serves to notify owners of land enforceably restricted by contractual agreements under the WILLIAMSON ACT that the Assessor will enroll the lesser of the agricultural preserve value, the indexed base year taxable value, or the current market value. The lesser value will be enrolled unless either party to the contract expressly prohibits such a valuation pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code 423.

Pursuant to state law, a copy of the local assessment roll is available for public inspection during regular office hours (8-5) Monday through Friday in the Assessor's Office at 1115 Truxtun Ave, 2nd floor. EXCLUSIONS - Certain sales/transfers of property between parents and children and certain sales/transfers from grandparents to grandchildren may qualify for exclusion from reassessment thereby maintaining your lower property tax liability. Please contact our office at (661)-868-3300 for further information.