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Kern County Assessor Recorder

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Jon Lifquist - Assessor Recorder

BOE Forms

The majority of our forms are provided by the California State Board of Equalization. This includes forms related to Changes in Ownership, Exemptions, Exclusions, and Business Personal Property. These forms and others, can be found on the Cal Assessor e-Forms site courtesy of Orange County.

Cal Assessor e-Forms

 Downloading or Printing Assessor Forms

The following forms were created using either Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) or Microsoft® Excel. You will need the appropriate software to view the forms. Click the appropriate link for further information.     

 Roll Extract

Description Forms Record Layout
Assessor Roll Request Application

 Parcel Changes

Description Forms
Request to Combine Parcels - Application to combine parcels
Request to Divide Parcels - Application to divide parcels

 Exemption Forms

Description Forms
Disabled Veterans' Exemption - Worksheet for Claim for Refund of Property Tax Payment(s)
Claim for Disabled Veterans' Property Tax Exemption - Household Income Worksheet
Property Use Report

 Exclusion Forms

Description Forms
Claim for New Construction Exclusion from Supplemental Assessment

 Property Statements

Description Form Number Forms
Agricultural Property Statement BOE-571-A
Business Property Statement (with Required 571-D) BOE-571-L
Supplemental Schedule for Reporting Monthly Acquisitions and Disposals of Property Reported on Schedule B of the Business Property Statement BOE-571-D
Apartment House Property Statement BOE-571-R
Wind Generation Property Statement BOE-571-W

 Miscellaneous Forms

Description Form Number Forms
Reassessment of Property Damaged or Destroyed by Misfortune or Calamity
Property Tax Installment Deferral Application (Calamity or Disaster)
Assessment Appeal Application